October 1, 2010

Elizabeth Street Brewery: Free Beer Gets Famous

What's better than free beer? Famous free beer! One of Noe Valley's best-kept secrets is not quite so secret anymore. Elizabeth Street Brewery was picked as the Microbrewery of the Year by SF Weekly in May - and the latest issue of San Francisco Magazine also gives it a rave. Of particular interest to fans:
Brewer-Hay realizes that the time for his brewery to become a real business is drawing nigh. “We’ve taken this so far that it seems inevitable,” he says. After flying to watch a series of Giants games in St. Louis, Missouri, in late August, he gave himself a week to return to San Francisco by rail. “I wasn’t allowed to come home until I finished the business plan,” he says, having spent 62 hours on a train to get back. Now, with that document in hand, Brewer-Hay has started to see his dream take shape.
Here's hoping the City allows a new Conditional Use permit for Noe Valley's first brew pub. Congrats, ESB!

[SFM: Free beer]
[NVSF: Elizabeth Street Brewery Snags Best Microbrewery Without Selling A Single Beer]
[NVSF: Update: Planning Commission Allows More Restaurants In Noe Valley]


cr said...

Yes, please.

Anonymous said...

This is so brilliant.

Beer is supposedly great for NV??


Don't we already have enough breeders and babies here? now beer?

cr said...

I don't suppose you're against sunshine and puppies too?

murphstahoe said...

"Don't we already have enough breeders and babies here? now beer?"

I think we have found the replacement for the tagline on top of this blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, i love sunshine and puppies, and kitties and birdies.