October 23, 2010

Harvest Fest 2010: Giants Love, Politicking, Costumes...And Goats

This year's Noe Valley Harvest Fest was more subdued than years past. It felt denser (more booths) but less ambitious (smaller stage, less entertainment), and the rainy weather certainly didn't help. The event could be summed up as a mix between catering to kids and people looking for your vote.

The costume contest was once again a hit (especially among mothers). The 2008 winner (as a geisha) won again, this time as a flamenco dancer. Second place was a mummy, third a little lion.

In politics, Scott Weiner's team was part of the zeitgeist (go Giants!):

There was no petting zoo this year, but Rafael Mandelman's crew brought...goats.


Anonymous said...

My personal philosophy is to not pet goats handled by strangers with ankh tattoos or three shirt buttons unbuttoned.