October 6, 2010

Noe Valley: Sun Francisco

One of the reasons we live in San Francisco: colorful architecture. Michael, an artist in Bernal Heights, walks with his daughter in the mornings and created a blog called Sun Francisco Art Houses to celebrate some of the sun-related motifs he's found, including some in Noe. Fun.


Anonymous said...

Sun Art? That interferes with my peace and quiet. This is a neighborhood, not a gallery. It'll bring more noise and traffic. Can we please just paint everything a drab tan so no one will ever come visit this area? Beauty is overrated. Bah Humbug.


Typical Cranky Noe Neighbor

Godot said...

We have some real beauties in and around Noe Valley! It's one of the things to love about our neighborhood. New construction almost always really detracts from it, as does the excessive cable/phone/power wiring. Weren't they going to underground that at some point?

Anonymous said...

Hey TCNN: get a life, friend.

Anonymous said...

Why do you assume I do not have a life? Because I complain about colorful flags, community parks and people trying to better my neighborhood? Also, I'm glad we remain friends.


Anonymous said...

i heart you, Typical Cranky Noe Neighbor!