October 28, 2010

Approved: Parklets For 24th Street

22nd St at Bartlett

From murphstahoe:
The 24th Street Parklets were approved by ISCOTT (the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation) today! They are permitted for a 6 month trial beginning in November. At the meeting the Parklets were supported by Debra Neimann from NVA, myself, Martha's Coffee Founder Martha Monroy, Supervisor Dufty's Legislative Aide Todd David, Louis Bryan, and Supervisor Candidate Scott Wiener in the form of his proxy, Gillian Gillett.

As I mentioned before, they will be going in front of Martha's Coffee and Just for Fun. See you out there!
Just in time for winter.

[Pavement To Parks]


murphstahoe said...

I owe someone some Ice Cream. If they want to de-anonymize themselves, I'll pay up at the Just for Fun parklet.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! This is going to cost taxpayer money and there is widespread opposition to this. We need more accountable representatives in this city.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is widespread support for this (2/3 support at a neighborhood meeting with huge turnout). And a good portion of the cost is born by the sponsoring businesses. There's an election next week if you'd like to hold somebody accountable. All of the major candidates support the parklets. Maybe you can vote for Starchild?

Anonymous said...

Excellent!! I can't wait.
I hope someday that we can have a park in Noe. My neighboors and I fully supported that idea as well.

Anonymous said...

Starchild is running for School Board, not Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Where am i going to park my hummer? this is outrageous? do you want me to have to walk 3 blocks to whole foods? we should use our tax payer money for more important things, like putting a fence around noe valley so no "outsiders" can get in.


Anonymous said...

I agree with anon @7:52. it's still a waste of tax payer money. Will it break the city budget?of course not, but these parklets are trivial and trendy of the moment hipster novelties.

When will this kind of meaningless urban decoration run it's course?

murphstahoe said...

"When will this kind of meaningless urban decoration run it's course?"

Never. At least not in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

@7:52, if you think representatives should be held accountable to majority opinion, then there's no problem here. A clear majority supports the parklets.

If you think reps should be held accountable to your personal opinion, you must find many things in life "Unbelievable!"

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to sit out on one of the plywood parklets just inches from ongoing traffic and be even closer to the exhaust fumes.

What an absolutely stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above poster. this is why i call for our tax money to create tunnels instead of crosswalks so i can stay away from harmful exhaust fumes. also, bubbled sidewalks.

you people are unreal. its a tiny parklett so more people can sit down and enjoy their neighborhood. will you not be happy unless everyone is safely indoors away from each other? move to the sunset.

kwk said...

This is a good time to thank the Noe Valley residents who had the intelligence and foresight to prevent Noe Street from being blocked by a so-called "trial" plaza.
One merely has to go to 28th/Guerrero and view the "temporary" plaza put in there. No one uses it, the community has not rallied around it, neighbors do not congregate there, it is merely an Urban Eyesore. Martha's Coffee on a single weekday has more people outside than this place has total in a full month. Most days absolutely no one, even the homeless, sits there.
San Jose Ave on the east side is blocked like a stopped up toilet, traffic cannot flow, street cleaners, garbage trucks, UPS/FedEx delivery, handicap van, DPW maintenance trucks, etc, all must back down the block in reverse because they are unable turn around at the end.
The trial is over, the park is a failure and has essentially been abandoned by Planning. Andres Power ignores most emails, what response he does give is mere lip service.
The "trial" plaza is a failure yet it remains.
So "thank you" to the residents who had the intelligence and foresight to prevent the same thing happening at Noe Street.

rocky's dad said...

@kwk: Excellent comments! You said it very well and pointed out the many deficiencies of the Guerrero Plaza. I walk by there a lot and yes, NO ONE is there. It's ugly, windy and a complete eyesore.

Can you imagine what our Noe St. at 24th would have looked like had the plaza been put in place. Guerrero is the perfect example of what never to do.

I was one of the strong, vocal opponents to the Noe project, and so you're welcome, as well as many others who had the foresight and intelligence to fight it. The Planning Dept. and Power has lost much credibility with our community.

As for the parklets, I still feel they are a waste money and cheesy. They will eventually go away and we can focus on more, permanent urban solutions for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The Guererro park and the one proposed for Noe are simply not comparable, for many obvious reasons. The only similarity is that they were both part of the same program.

Rocky's dad? There are about 10 people in Noe Valley that really suck, and you are one of them. Congrats!

rocky's dad said...

It is refreshing that a large amount of outstanding Noe V residents were wise enough to restore Sanity to our neighborhood when we worked hard to oppose the Noe plaza.

Let's keep our neighborhood great!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Whenever I think of Sanity, I think of this: