July 3, 2010

NVV July/August 2010: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links are to items we've covered here on NVSF or outside sources as the Voice doesn't post stories until the middle of the month.

July/August 2010

Front Page: Summer issue - Voice writers, editors and photographers are asked to "put away their communication devices and find a way to play" until September; Elizabeth Crane ("farmer's market queen") shares jamming recipes; Noe Valley photog Leo Holub died at 93 years old in April.

Feature: Traveling Voice, a retrospective.

Letters: Last month's mockingbird (and apparently the only one in the neighborhood) is now serenading the easily riled Jersey St. residents; Noe St resident enlists Bevan Dufty to reverse a street sweeping ticket); Joel Panzer tries to sound more rational about keeping Noe St open than he did at the June 30th meeting; A "thanks" for the Noe Valley Garden Tour, and another for Rebecca Prozan's campaign kick-off on June 12th.

Cost of Living in Noe: 9 homes sold in May, high price for a SFH was $3.3M (skewing the mean).

Store Trek: Joseph Andrade Floral (3961 24th St) is intent on providing "affordable elegance;" Sway (3979 24th St) is woman's clothing that is "not to cool for school."

Rumors: The Voice was unable to attend/report on the June 30th Community Meeting; Easily riled Jersey St residents now host the official bike route through downtown Noe Valley (complete with Sharrows); Cooks Boulevard? Still empty; Castro Nails? Now on outer Church. GNC/Aveda? "A number of inquiries." Twin Peaks Realty? The estate is looking for a tenant to make improvements (but the space does include parking); French Tulip lives; Garage Store under new management as Garage Store Merchandise Lounge and moving more upscale; Star Magic sticking around after all under the guise of Cosmic Wizard after a notice of "trademark infringement" from some fancy New York lawyer; Loft 1513, Heliotrope and Curator Boutique have made outer Church a "certified shopping destination;" A list of SF Weekly's Best Of including Elizabeth Street Brewery.

And finally... buried among countless realtor ads is another circa 1985 photo advertising Sue Bowie's Noe Valley expertise - still listed as a Prudential agent.

[The Noe Valley Voice]


Anonymous said...

Why does this blog continue Bowie bashing? Seems like most of the comments on this blog are rife with bashing something or someone. Kinda reminds me of the tenor of our last "community workshop" Viva Voice!

suzee said...

I'm not sure it's really about "bowie bashing" in particular. Naturally, when you feature yourself at the top of blog and the headline talks about "selling out", let's be real: You are bound to become the butt of jokes or commentary, both good and bath.

Seems pretty fair, and sorta funny to me..

If you show up here and get into too much self promotion and puffery, you need to be prepared.

Otherwise, take your toys and go home.

Anonymous said...

Reality reminder: Having someone post an anonymous blog entry about you is hardly "featuring yourself."

Your analysis seems totally inacurate, and sorta sad to me...

suzee said...

LOL..you don't think Sue Bowie was part of the decision to feature herself as the headline of that particular post?

Are you effing serious? Sure she was. lots of free coverage and advertising...I doubt if anyone put a gun to her head and said "you must do this"..

Again.....If you become part of a puff piece like hers, ya gotta be prepared for some backlash..

Part of life..it's not all that serious, actually pretty funny to me.

Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

The way it usually works, except for with matters of faith, is someone needs to prove something for the community to believe them, not to disprove something.

For us to believe your understanding of things, you would need to show the rest of us how Sue Bowie was behind that blog post.

For you to suggest others need to disprove your unproven claim just makes it seem like a real estate agent got the better of you recently and you can't seem to let go. Talking about backlash, and dealing with it.


Anonymous said...

well ok, anon: maybe you need to take at face value what suzee..or others have commented about here.

Most of it is pretty funny..some just satirical.

I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows it's you, Suzee, from the instant reply to the post, to the double dots after softening your position.

At least have some fun with your virtual schizophrenia, if for no other reason than to entertain us better.

Maybe USING ALL CAPS TO SHOW YOU ARE REALLY A DIFFERENT PERSON? Or creating another Blogspot identity using a man's name? Or taking the radical step of disagreeing with yourself across posts?

Here - I'll set you up with a good one: Hey, Anonymous, since you suggest I need to take Suzee's comments at face value, does that mean you agree that Suzee was wrong to jump on Sue Bowie's back in the first place?

(Now you write back as Anonymous agreeing that it was unfair to jump on Sue Bowie's back, or - if you want to get even nuttier - as some third person who writes back on Anonymous' part...)

anonsueb said...

ha ha ha> maybe suzee is a woman, or a MAN. maybe suzee is another realtor who wants to steal some of sue b's clients..hmmm.

GOSH. i Don'T no. duz it matter?

Isnt this entertainment, as opposed to information? generally?

say anonymous. are you the same anonymous-es with all the other comments? am I?

pretty confusing, huh?..................hope you're enjoying the nice long holiday. eye am.

Anonymous said...

This sh*t is better than effing TV

Sue Bowie said...

Huh? What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

It's about time for the editor to require comment logins like other sites before this gets ridiculous.

-says Anonymous

p.s. Suzee I know from your plaza comments that you have problems with reading comprehension, but go back and read the Sue Bowie post again. It was definitely not written at her behest.

Anonymous said...

Definitely?? you know that for a fact?

Prove it with data..

Anonymous said...

How about the headline, "Sue Bowie sells out 24th St. retail?"

It's an unflattering, mildly snarky blog post. The blog editor clearly intended it that way. Why would Sue Bowie ask Noe Valley SF to write a snarky blog post about her? It defies common sense.

What happened to the other comments on this thread? Was Suzee so offensive she had to be removed?

Anonymous said...

Censorship on the Noe Valley blog?!

What's really weird is all the previous comments are still available to page requests from foreign IP addresses.

Hey publisher - what gives?!

Noe Valley, SF said...

Not sure what's up with the missing comments -- we didn't do it. Blogger hiccup?

Anonymous said...

I thought the suzee commenter was pretty funny at times..

Anonymous said...

I heard someone went in to RMC because they wanted to rent out the Cook's Boulevard space, and asked for lower rent. Apparently Dufty had to come by to stop the cops from being called.

Anonymous said...

Hey, high rent is how it has to be. Somebody's gotta subsidize Joel's hissy fits.