July 21, 2010

Announced: Design Quarter

Design Quarter
The Store With Options

Design Quarter is a local business, owned and operated by Noe Valley neighbors. Our philosophy is one of minimizing negative impacts on our environment by reusing, refurbishing and recycling objects that would otherwise be discarded. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and will never sell reproductions or misrepresent the age, source or composition of the items we sell.

So... Another antique store in the space recently vacated by the same? Or a consignment shop?

Design Quarter is owned/operated by Debbie Cole, Dan Quita, Gypsy Beggs, Cathy Sweetman and Sharon Dunham. Opening day is July 28th. 1478 Church St.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! That area is right around the corner from my house and I really miss having those home stores. Can't wait!

Doogels said...


This is *exactly* the type of store we all beg for when we normally get stuck with banks, real estate agents and nail salons. I'm excited to check out this one!

Anonymous said...

Hey! As long as it's not another bank, real estate agent or nail salon it's going to be GREAT for the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another vintage/second hand store swathed in upscale wordage. We like vintage so call it like it is. We get it.
It will be interesting to see how long this one last.

NoeFan said...

Looks like much more than vintage to me. I've seen 19th century French antiques as well as contemporary art and classic architectural elements going in the door. Do I detect a bit of "Sour Grapes" in the above comment? I, for one, wish them much success.