July 16, 2010

Supes Race: Rebecca Prozan Sets Up Shop In Noe Valley

From the Bay Area Reporter:
So far the sole District 8 supervisor candidate opting to open a campaign headquarters outside the Castro is Rebecca Prozan . She recently secured the storefront at 1195 Church Street, home to a former bead store, at the busy intersection of Church and 24th Street...
[BAR: D8 candidates open campaign headquarters]


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She rang our doorbell the other night. I shooed her away. She left a flyer for us to recycle.

Campaign rule 101:

Don't bother people in their homes.

murphstahoe said...

That rule is correct if you are trying to be nice, but not correct if you are trying to win.

If spamming and robo-calling didn't work, they wouldn't do it.

At least if the candidate themselves is knocking on your door, that's honest work, rather than having a computer ring you up on your phone and blast a message at you.

I'm not saying you weren't annoyed - I'm sure you were. I'm saying that if Rebecca wants to win, she should ignore your advice. Reference: I personally knocked on a couple hundred doors in the outskirts of Carson City Nevada for Obama. I was a very small part of a very big army. Over the weekend we were up there, nobody reported seeing any McCain ground game.

I was not very happy about pestering people at their homes, but those were the orders.

It worked.

akboognish said...

Don't bother people in their homes? What kind of world do you think you live in? If you don't want to be bothered, put up a sign saying "do not disturb" or something, but being able to knock on a door and talk to your neighbors is a core value in any community. Not only is it important for democracy to work but it's important for safety and civility. Your front porch and front door, unless you clearly indicate otherwise, are absolutely fair game. Deal with it and stop being so selfish.