December 16, 2008

Win a Free Dinner for 6 at Contigo

For the fourth consecutive year, Brett Emerson is donating his skills as a prize for Menu for Hope. Each $10 donation to benefit the UN World Food Program earns you a raffle ticket toward a dinner for 6 at Contigo.
Like last year, I will cook a multi-course dinner for the winner. The exciting difference between this year and last is that that this year the winner will dine not at my house, but at my real live honest to goodness restaurant Contigo. As you read this, we are putting the finishing touches on Contigo and will be opening right around the time that Pim announces the winners.
Check out In Praise of Sardines for all the details.

And in case the bold type didn't catch your attention, Brett hopes to open Contigo sometime around January 12, 2009.

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