December 30, 2008

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

Burglary, Residence, Forcible Entry -- 12/22/08 2138hrs. 4300 block of 26th Street. Neighbors called police to respond to the victim’s residence as they noticed that the lights were on inside the residence, and the garage door had been in the open position, although there appeared to be no one home. Police discovered that the suspect had shattered the rear glass window of the residence to gain entry, and had exited via the garage door. The victim was not reached at the time of the incident, and unknown property was taken.

Theft from Locked Vehicle -- 12/25/08 2340hrs. Area of Noe Street and Elizabeth Street. A witness called police after seeing a suspect slash through the convertible roof of a vehicle. The witness saw the suspect rummage through packages and taking property from inside the vehicle. The victim confirmed that the suspect stole property from the vehicle. Although the witness gave police a good description of the suspect, no arrest was made as the suspect had fled the scene.

Burglary, Residence -- 12/26/08 0008hrs. 3700 Block of 24th Street. A resident of a lower flat in a building her noises in her neighbors flat. She called police as she knew they were on vacation. The police responded to the scene and detained a male who was inside the garage. The witness confirmed that he did not live at the residence. The suspect was in possession of property belonging to the victim. The suspect was arrested.

Burglary, Vehicle, Possession of stolen property, Possession of Burglary tools, Parole violation -- 12/27/08 0050hrs. 4100 Block of 25th Street. A witness called police regarding a suspect breaking into a vehicle window and then entered the vehicle and saw him take the stereo and other property. The witnesses aided police and arrest was made at the scene.

Burglary, Forcible Entry -- 12/28/08 0000hrs. 700 Block of Diamond Street. The Church was locked and secured. The suspect used a pry bar to gain entry, causing damage to the doors. There was also a damaged window and the money drop was on the floor. The suspect did not get any money, as the money drop was empty at the time. No arrest made at this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi--Just found your blog (via Facebook). Of course I find it just as I'm planning to move from the 'hood.
Anyway, a crime comment: it's not safe to park on the Edison school side of Chattanooga; cars get broken into there pretty regularly. There are nice old trees and with very little light at night, so smash and grabs seem to happen pretty regularly. I wonder if there's a way to put a bright motion-sensor type of light on that half of the block?
Anyway, keep up the good work!