December 9, 2008

San Francisco Food Bank Drop Off Locations

Contrary to what we posted in our monthly roundup of news from the Noe Valley Voice, the San Francisco Food Bank has three year-round drop off locations in Noe Valley:
I came across your blog posting where you state that the SF Food Bank has no food drop off locations in Noe Valley. We actually have three locations -- Bell Market, Terra Mia, and Noe Valley Ministry. ...Terra Mia doesn't have a barrel, but Bell Market and Noe Valley Ministry always have barrels... If folks have any questions, they can email us at
As the Events & Food Drive Manager points out:
Also, this is listed under "Noe Valley" on the document you link to from your page.
Quite right! Not sure how we managed that one but there it is.

[San Francisco Food Bank]
[NVSF: NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To]


Anonymous said...

I could swear I saw a Food Bank barrel in Cooks Boulevard the other day.