December 5, 2008

Street Trees: Church Street

This week, the SFDPW and Bureau of Urban Forestry planted approximately twenty city-maintained trees on Church St. between 22nd & 30th Streets. They've managed to fill in most of the "dead spots," creating a corrider that should green very nicely as the trees mature.

Our only gripe is that they're all Magnolias - they'll smell nice a few times a year and drop non-degrading leaves the rest. Noe Valley residents and businesses already have enough trouble cleaning up the detritus that blows in from the west and settles on Church St.

Since Church Street is also part of the City's effort to save money by cleaning the streets only every other week, hopefully the tree maintenance people will do some raking.

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Anonymous said...

The Magnolias are a good choice. They look terrific, even when not in bloom. Hopefully, they'll be better tended than most of the overgrown, neglected trees on Church Street. Also, the problem isn't the fallen leaves, it's the stream of garbage that seems to always flow down Church Street.

rocky's dad said...

The trees are not a bad choice, but not my fave. dropped leaves are heavy and messy.

but here's what I think is the real problem: Most property owners dont know that they have an obligation to keep their portion of the sidewalk clean. rarely do I see ANYONE out sweeping in front of their home or business on church st. Of course, just having a "law" or ordinance wont make it better. Why not pride of ownership, or maybe just sweeping up cause it's