December 2, 2008

Noe Valley Farmers' Market: 5th Anniversary

Last weekend we noticed signs all over the Noe Valley Farmers' Market announcing it's 5th Anniversary this coming 11:00AM. We were in too much of a rush to get more information, so we sent an email. Leslie Crawford replied:
At 11:00, we'll have ten minutes of "no commerce" so we can honor our 5th Anniversary. A couple of the market's founders will be speaking. Bevan Dufty might come to speak although we haven't yet heard a definite confirmation. We will then cut and serve cake and hand out balloons.

Nothing very fancy, but a short and sweet birthday party.
What: 5th Anniversary, NV Farmers' Market
When: Saturday, December 6, 11:00AM
Where: 24th St, between Sanchez and Vicksburg Streets
Bonus: Free cake and balloons, possible Bevan sighting

[Noe Valley Farmer's Market]