December 22, 2008

Tweeting Offal

Allan Hough at Mission Mission sent along the Twitter feed from friends sampling Chris Cosentino's Battle: Offal menu at Incanto. Here are some highlights from 3030vision and itsolivia to get you excited for next time it's offered:

3030vision: 1st, lamb heart tartar. Rich and yummy. @itsolivia says heart is the gateway drug of offal

3030vision: 2nd: "Turf & surf" tripe & clam. A little more intimidating. Texture and flavor similar to mushroom?

3030vision: 3rd: Finanziera Piedmontese, cockscombs, duck bits & riso. @itsolivia says testicles are "duck magic"

3030vision: 4th: Country fair gut fry. A lot of unidentied fried stuff, but the sweetbreads are really good!

3030vision: 5th: Pig's trotter with bacon & tarragon. Pig magic! Trotter meat on top of grilled pear and savory cake

3030vision: 6th: Calves' liver & kidneys. Final intimidating course. Not a fan of the liver, kidney is really good!

3030vision: 7th: Meyer lemon sorbet. Final final course. @itsolivia was convinced there was a pork/tripe involved

It's too late to sample duck testicles this year (at least in Noe Valley), but check out Incanto's website for other upcoming special dinners. This week: Feast of the Seven Fishes. Next: New Year's Eve. More to follow.

[Twitter: #wholebeast]
[Incanto: Battle: Offal]