February 2, 2009

Doorstep Menus: Lotus Garden

San Francisco restaurants are required to post inspection scores where patrons can see them. But not all restaurants cater to eat-in customers - they do most of their business as take-out or delivery. Here we report inspection scores for restaurants leaving menus on Noe Valley doorsteps. We'll update the post for each eatery as new information becomes available.

Name: Lotus Garden Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 3216 Mission Street

Current Score: 96/100 (Oct 2008)

High Risk: none
Moderate Risk: none
Low Risk: Non-food contact surface unclean; Floors, walls, ceilings improperly constructed, in disrepair, not clean

Previous Inspections:


Getting a doorstep menu that we're not? Send us a picture of the menu and we'll post about it.

[Health Code: SB 180]
[SFDPH Scores: Environmental Health]
[NVSF: All Doorstep Menu Posts]


Mark said...

Ah, yes, but the woman who owns Lotus Garden gets a 1/100 rating for niceness. I went in for Pho one night and she screamed at me - "Pho is only for breakfast and lunch!"

Again, the customer is always right.

Anonymous said...

Ordered here last night after checking the score. my thanks!

Janet C said...

My understanding, the kitchen is set up completely differently for Pho/lunch than for dinner entrees. It's the same concept of trying to order breakfast after a kitchen has set up for lunch/dinner.

And no, the customer is not always right.