October 8, 2009

NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered at NVSF.

October 2009

Front page: Volunteer gardeners restore Sally Brunn Library planters; Man who died mysteriously along Muni tracks identified as NV resident Bill Nelson (death still a mystery); Harvest Fest coming Oct. 24; NV neighbors take care of their own after 27th St fire; Halloween is coming; Local filmmaker Peter Esmonde debuts his first feature-length film, Trimpin: The Sound of Invention; St. Paul's steeple repair.

Letters: A 5 paragraph gripe about Whole Foods nixing the curbside CRV recycling ("I now have to pay carfare to cart my bottles and cans down to Market Street... It's inconvenient"); a rebuke to people who feed carnivorous birds like crows and ravens - either by hand or with open garbage cans; a heartfelt thank you to generous neighbors from the Moresco family (a fire broke out in their 27th St home while they were on vacation in Spain).

Op-Ed: 24th St Whole Foods opens. No ruckus ensues.

Features: Interviews with neighbors of Guerrero Park at San Jose; Blue Church on Church eviction done but due to "weak economic conditions" the developer won't start construction for 9-10 months.

Cost of Living in Noe
: 7 single-family homes sold in August with an average price of 1.26 Million. Rent: Yup, still expensive.

Short Takes: Look for "drive by" Trolley Dancing (!) on the J Church on Oct. 16 and 17 and dance performances in Dolores Park - details at epiphanydance.org; Dogtoberfest returns at Upper Douglass Park on Oct. 24 - get the full scoop at fuddp.org; Noe Valley Chamber Music series starts Oct. 25 - details and calendar at nvcm.org; Cupcake tasting for couples at Cooks Boulevard on Nov. 1; Open Studios hits Noe Valley this weekend. (Ed--No word on last month's Noe Valley Association survey results.)

Store Trek
: Bubbles and Shampoo, Loft 1513 (wearable art/clothing store, 1513 Church @ 27th).

Traveling Voice
: Sightings in Moab, French Polynesia and at Buckingham Palace.

Rumors: The mystery store is revealed: Star Magic, a pop-up reincarnation of a 1979 NV store called Gift of the Magi, is moving into the Simply Chic space for 3 months. The store will sell "contemporary items relating to ecology," natural clothing, and gift items; Harry Aleo lionized by the WSJ; Noeteca opens; Riki and GNC spaces still empty - the only interested parties so far are a yoga studio, a gym and a nail salon...; Streetlight building still for sale; Old Republic Title Company opens; Stephen "worst man of the year" Fowler is leaving Noe; Twitter CEO Evan Williams moves to Noe; La Boulange opening in Nov.; Mi Lindo Yucatan closed; Real Foods is still blight; dance studio opens in old Andiamo space (Ed--The sign in the window says "Pixie Hall Studios: Art Classes for Children"); Just Awesome Games disappears; Psychic feud on 24th St.

[The Noe Valley Voice]


Anonymous said...

the dance studio that opened is at Noe and Alvarado.

Anonymous said...

Star Magic was called Star Magic. There was a second store in Greenwich Village.

Evan Williams has long had a residence in Noe Valley. It's part of the mythology of how he and Biz Stone met and started Twitter.

Godot said...

Mythology? WTF? Do you even KNOW what a "myth" is? Gads.

"Your search - site:pantheon.org twitter - did not match any documents."

oldish person said...

It's ok to be old and educated, just try not to be such an ass about it, mkay?

Anonymous said...

Excited about the Star Magic store!