October 29, 2009

Noe Valley Ranked # 2 For Trick-Or-Treating

Elizabeth St / Castro

In a town that uses any excuse for a costume, Halloween is the king of holidays. According to sales data a complicated algorithm put together by the fine folks at Zillow "Noe Valley is THE place for hip, urban, family style trick-or-treating in San Francisco. The area’s mammoth Bugaboo stroller population is sure to come out in full force on Halloween." Or as the photographer of the above photo put it: "Noe Valley is a bit of throwback to a Halloween just for the kids!"

No kids? Grab your camera and head out anyway. Send us your best shots.

[Zillow: Trick-or-Treat Housing Index: Top 5 San Francisco Neighborhoods]
[NVSF: Photos: Halloween on 24th St (2009)]
[Photo: Texas2SF]


Anonymous said...

What is not mentioned here is that one of these absurdly large heads has been up for MONTHS and is the creepiest thing in the neighborhood. I wish their landlord would ask them to take this down when it's not Halloween.

Unknown said...

Oh, too bad you don't groove on it. WE get all kinds of postive feedback on our balcony, too bad you don't groove on it! Plus, the fact, you said two heads have been up for months, the truth, one of them has been out there, for the JOY of everyone else!

Unknown said...

The heads are FABULOUS. whether theres one, two, or TEN. but if i follow your logic.. maybe you should take your head off too when its not halloween.


Anonymous said...

Local color is nice, especially in generally colorless Noe Valley.

Texas2SF said...

Opps, I see now that the anon poster said ONE of the heads has been up for months, I'm still attempting to edit my orig replay and/or delete it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need all the heads you can get :-)

Anonymous said...

We just moved to Noe Valley. When should we expect trick or treaters to show up?