October 6, 2009

SFPD Mission Station to Noe: Quit Bugging Us

We got this note from a member of the NVMPA:
Subject: Stop hassling the police!

I love that Noe Valleyans are so vocal and involved; but sometimes, we are a bit high maintenance as a result. At last week's merchant meeting, our beat officer, Lorraine, asked us to help. She (and Capt. Tacchini) is getting it from both sides on the strawberry vendors. Complaints to remove them and complaints about hassling them. There have been some homicides recently and an increase in crime. The strawberry vendors are a city wide issue and a solution has not been found. The fruit is purportedly out of Salinas, as far as anyone knows it is not stolen. The sellers are usually temporary workers. There are issues with permitting etc; but this is not something our local police can actually solve right now.

I suggest that we all discuss it among ourselves and maybe we'll come upon a solution. As far as I have heard, it hasn't caused any real problems for anyone.

Can you put the word out to lighten up on our busy captain on this issue? Thank you!
You heard her, people! Lighten up on the fruit dudes (so the cops can focus on the clipboard brigade and people turning left out of the Whole Foods parking lot).

To be fair, Captain Tacchini showed up at the NVDC meeting in February and asked about community concerns - at that time the biggest issues seemed to be stopping the Examiner delivery and perpendicular parking for Smart cars. But he also asked community members to report things of concern like break-ins and theft.

So...where does that leave us with the recent rash of break-ins? The above-mentioned homicides? Best we can tell they're outside Lorraine's beat. And if we as a neighborhood agree to stop "bothering" the police with petty requests maybe they'd have time to put out a newsletter more than once a month. The Ingleside station (which deals with an equal bunch of badness) still puts out daily notices to keep the community informed.

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Anonymous said...

Noe's NIMBY-ism is terrible. Are you seriously wanting to waste precious police resources on dudes selling strawberries on the street corners? For all you know, one of those strawberry dudes might spot someone breaking into a car or a house, helping the police.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the berry-selling at all, but jeez folks, don't call the police on it. Just don't purchase the berries if you don't agree with it. Simple as that.

Now, let's get back to the break-in's: happened a few nights ago to a buddy of mine (but the window was broken this time). They filed a report.

Anonymous said...

No kidding leave the fruit selling boys on the corner alone. If you don't want the fruit don't buy it. As for the Pasta Gina owners who are so afraid of them get over it. Your prices are so freaking high that you should be just fine collecting off the fine folks of NV. You should be worried about Whole Foods and not Fruit Boys.

mulls said...

Couldn't agree more on the issue of stopping the Examiner - I don't want it! I didn't want it when it was 25 cents, I don't want it free, I don't want it on my doorstep. I curse it every morning - it's so wasteful.

The fruit guys on the other hand - I love having a 6 dollar palette of strawberries in the fridge. No problems here...

Anonymous said...

You can stop Examiner delivery at this page:


mulls said...

Seriously - thank you. Just cancelled.

Anonymous said...

We should all be calling the Examiner to have them stop delivery. I've called numerous times and it finally stopped, and I got to let them know how angry I was at what they were doing. The circulation number is on the inside front cover. If they get enough phone calls maybe they'll get the message.