October 5, 2009

Carrotmob at Bernies

From Rebecca Prozan:
San Francisco’s third Carrotmob at Bernie’s!
3966 24th St · Between Noe & Sanchez
Sunday, October 18, 11am–2pm
Support energy efficiency and conservation while promoting a Noe Valley business owner. Bernie’s is a certified green business already a certified member of the Green Cafe Network and has pledged over 40% of sales during the October 18 event to go even greener.
Carrotmob encourages businesses to compete to see who will do the most good for the environment, and then rewards the business with a mob of consumers.
Check our progress on http://sf.carrotmob.org.
If you would like to volunteer at the event, please email carrotmob@rebeccaprozan.com
Can anyone point us to a list of "certified green" businesses?

Update (10/7): Correction and clarification above from promoter. Here's more info on the Green Cafe Network.


Malcolm at Cooks Boulevard said...

http://www.sfgreenbiz.org/ has one list. Bernie's isn't on there so she either did a different program, or the list is out of date.

BernieFan said...

Bernie is a hottie! As is her coffee. If only her place had late hours like Starbucks... it would be the star late-night hangout spot in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

FYI - there is a list of San Francisco certified Green Businesses here:


Those are local businesses who have undergone various physical audits by three city agencies and comply with a pretty rigorous set of environmental standards. Worth supporting.