March 28, 2009


Closing: Simply Chic. And it's for real this time - there's a big sign out front announcing up to 80% off. Guess the agreement with the landlord fell through.

Another retailer fighting a landlord is Mabel Chong. We stopped in to talk with partner Mark Welte last week when we noticed a For Rent sign in the window. The upshot? Their lease is up, and the owner wants to raise the rent. If someone is willing to pay the higher advertised rate, then Mabel Chong will hunker down at the Sacremento St location. We'll be watching to see if this works out better than another jewelry store that fought with its landlord.

Washington Mutual is now Chase in more than name - the signs are up on the building. Senior account rep Russell Chang told us that the most annoying aspect of the change is the requirement that he wear a tie. Noe Valley is going corporate. This morning we saw him standing in front of the entrance to the Farmer's Market handing out cards. In the hot sun. In formal dress. Bummer.

Speaking of the Farmer's Market, there's now a mushroom vendor who will try and be there every other weekend. We forgot to ask, but we think it might be Far West Fungi. Can anyone confirm that?

Also at the Farmer's Market: advertisements for the Whole Foods shuttle. The presence of the signs tells us that Whole Foods is continuing to work with the neighborhood.

And finally, Andrew Calabrese has posted a sign in front of the future Whole Foods with his email so the whole neighborhood (and not just those searching online) can ask questions and express concerns.

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Oddknock said...

Chase did more than require more formal dress for their workers. They raised ATM fees from $2 to $3. I think Stirling at Church & 24th may still charge the lesser amount.