March 5, 2009

SFGate: 24th St = Beer, Boutiques & Dogs

The Chronicle's Street Date took a swing through Noe Valley and concluded 24th St is "sunny and friendly, it's where residents take their dogs for a stroll. It's also the kind of place that treats you like one of the neighbors, even if you don't live here." Featured shops? SF Mystery Bookstore, Chocolate Covered, Le Zinc, Bernie's, Cradle of the Sun and The Dubliner. No mention of strollers.

Does that jive with what you shop for in Noe? What would you cross town for? What makes Noe Valley a destination? In the comments, please.

[SFGate: 24th Street, San Francisco]
[Photo: SFGate]


Anonymous said...

i come to noe to go to the Garage Store on Sanchez @ 24th. inventory is always changing and is always a great deal

Chauncey said...

Let me guess - the post about the Garage Store was done by the "Anonymous" Owner.
That's a business I avoid. Peasant Pies, Chocolate Covered, Noe Valley Pizza and Global Exchange are what make Noe "Noe" to me.

silentk said...

how could anyone review 24th street without mentioning the strollers/kids? They certainly make it lively, especially on the weekends. As a Noe Valley resident, I do most of my shopping on 24th...that's what I love about this neighborhood!

Robbie said...

I agree with Silentk how could anyone visiting 24th not mention the strollers /kids. But as a resident of 24th & Noe. I have to admit that its a great place to live & visit with all the different shops and food. my fiance and I are eagerly awaiting Whole Foods. Its sad to see many of our business closing but hopefully we the residents and visitors of this great community will continue to support them in our economic hard times!

PS. When I walked Past the AAA office today the store closure signs were down. Does this mean that they will continue to serve our community?

Noe Valley, SF said...

Robbie - we were struck by the lack of signs at AAA, too, and walked in to ask. Almost walked right in to a 6' tall notice that replaced the window signs. Yep - still closing.