March 20, 2009

Appeal? Lost. Budget? Intact. Trees? Gone.

Apparently appeals or budget woes can't stop a chainsaw if trees are deemed unsafe. The plan is for replacement trees, but this stretch of 24th St is going to look empty for some time. No Parking signs for this Monday suggest these tall eucalyptus trees will disappear then. Let's see how long it takes to replace them.

[NVSF: Update: 24th Street Trees]
[NVSF: PSA: Public Hearing - Tree Removal]


Tamagosan said...

I hate to say it, but walking down 24th Street, I was amazed at the light at this exact spot. Of course the reason was that the trees are gone. All trees are good IMO but these were gangly and there's plenty of potential for some green there. You're right, let's just see when that happens!