February 1, 2013

NVV Feb 2013: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered here on NVSF or outside sources as the Voice doesn't post stories online until the middle of the month.

February 2013

Front Page: Cookie Time calls it quits and the Voice explores the long-standing food truck debate; Noe Valley Merchants recognized for their efforts to help small businesses accommodate handicapped patrons without getting slapped with a nuisance lawsuit; NV is full of married cheaters; Noe Valley Democratic Club gets an influx of moderate members.

Letters: The Noe Valley Ministry is looking a little neglected while renovations stall (renovations are expected to resume in March); a re-print of the letter from victim on 23rd St who narrowly escaped her attacker; Mary Isham's family seeks donations for her cancer treatment.

Crime: The Fair Oaks rapist is convicted and sent to jail for 373 years to life; the copper thief goes to jail for stealing water; the SFPD releases a sketch of the 23rd St. attacker.

Cost of Living in Noe: 25 homes sold in the last 2 months of 2012, including the $3.8 million contemporary home at 4529 25th St; condos are pricey - and selling like hotcakes.

Store Trek: Pressed Juicery, Adopt SF.

Rumors: Radio Shack is back after the fire 14 months ago; Noe Valley Deli owner Karim Balat has sold his business and says the new owners will likely be changing the menu; Bernie's is adding a 2nd location at Crocker Galleria downtown; Martha & Bros is adding a fifth location at Fifth and Irving in the inner Sunset; Caskhouse is open; Mazook remembers his "Auntie Po," aka Dear Abby.

[The Noe Valley Voice]


Bill (SFO) said...

I'm joining the Noe Valley Democratic Club to NOT vote in Scott Wiener again. He only won in my Voter Precinct by 75 votes. I'm going to campaign against him while walking my dog and weekends at Whole Foods. The Conservatives want to take over Noe Valley and the Noe Valley Democratic Party. This 11 year Noe Valley Renter says NO Wiener.

Todd David said...

The "moderate" Noe Valley constituents I know are all left of the political center. In any other part of the US they would be called "liberals". It is only in the strongly left tilting world of SF politics could someone mislabel a SF "moderate" a conservative. Every SF moderate I know is a Democrat who is
Pro Choice
Pro Gay Marriage
Pro More Funding for Pubic Education
Pro Infrastructure Investments
Pro Rent Control
And pro creating a business climate where companies will want to bring jobs to San Francisco.

How you and Raphael Mandelman label people who hold these positions "conservative" is beyond me. . .

Todd David

Bill (SFO) said...

I'm NOT attempting to be snarky in my question, I really want an opinion.

I find Scott Wiener way to Pro-Business, and not Liberal enough for me, including his stance on Food Trucks, Rent-Control, Environmental Laws in SF, Shell Oil and SF Energy, The Nudist Ban (which has out of state tourists so very confused).

If Scott Wiener and the new 25-30 members of the NVDC are moderate in a One Political Party Town such as SF, What is my Label, and be nice in your answer. I'm serious. See you at the NVDC meeting.

Todd David said...

I totally respect your point of view that you are politically to the left of Scott (and potentially other moderates in Noe Valley and the City). I think reasonable people can disagree on issues. And public dialogue, disagreements, and debates are healthy for the City and the neighborhood.

Demonizing another point of view simply denigrates and dissuades public engagement. And it seemed to me that Rafael Mandelman was attempting to demonize SF's moderates by calling them "conservatives."

I'm pleased that you are interested in joining the Noe Valley Democratic Club. I am a big believer in community activism and involvement. And I welcome all Democrats (moderates and progressives alike) to join and express your opinions.

I look forward to seeing you at a Noe Valley Dem Club meeting

Anonymous said...

@Todd: "Creating a favorable business climate" clearly makes some one a conservative corporate tool. To care about profits above people makes you a conservative. To think about the economic consequences of your actions is just money-grubbing. San Francisco is a utopia and any who discusses reality is too conservative to live here.