February 4, 2013

What's Next For Noe Valley Deli?

The recent issue of the Voice rumored that Karim Balat has sold Noe Valley Deli, but didn't provide any details for what's to come. We did some digging and here's all we were able to find out:
  • Karim isn't saying.
  • The ABC license application was filed on Jan 14 and is transferring to Je & June, Inc.
  • Je & June, Inc is incorporated in Lake Forest, CA, and as far as we can tell has operated a single business called T-Shirts Plus since about 2009 and has had mixed reviews.
  • T-Shirts Plus has been sold and is currently in escrow set to close on 2/11.
So. No ideas other than it's unlikely to be a T-shirt print shop with a beer/wine license. Any crowd-sourced rumors for what we can expect at 4007 24th St?


Ross Viator said...

Aw, man. I hope Karim's retiring happily, but I will miss what is easily the best burger in Noe Valley. Damn good shawarma, too.

Anonymous said...

Another business sold to Korean's or (China) for their Visa to stay in the U.S.

chrisr said...

His son owns Subs, Inc., no? Hopefully he's retiring and leaving the work to his progeny. :D