February 4, 2013

Attention Bliss Bar Fire Displaced Tenants

A reader with an available in-law apartment has offered shelter for the a night or so while you get your bearings. The unit is around the corner from the fire. Send us an email if you need it (or if you don't, frankly) and we'll hook you up.

Update 2/5:
My name is Billy - I am a volunteer for the Red Cross San Francisco. I responded to the Bliss Bar fire last night (the second time it went up), and I used to hang out there fairly often. I saw your post regarding the resident with the in-law. Red Cross took care of the residents affected by the fire by putting them up in hotels until the 7th, so a short term stay shouldn't be necessary.
Billy added that there are tenants who will need help with longer term housing. Please contact us if you have an apartment to rent and we'll put you in touch.


Anonymous said...

You guys are so kind! Thanks for your actions and offers. The damage to the nearby units is minimal, and we (neighbors) are super lucky. Regardless, we really appreciate your thinking of us. We could have been left in desperate situations, and it's good to know the neighborhood is supportive of us. Thank you!!!