December 20, 2012

Photo: Sutro Tower Work At Night

If you were up late last night you may have noticed some activity on Sutro Tower. Noe Valley resident trophygeek sent the above photo with this explanation:
Was headed to bed at 3am when I noticed strange lights coming from Sutro Tower. Guess they were doing work up there. The shot is of the mid-platform all lit up. First time I've seen it since moving to this neighborhood 3 years ago.
So what sent workers up the Tower on a cold night in December? Trophygeek heard from friends around the City that "they heard a massive bang last night from all over town. I think it was related to this work." Can anyone point to more info or speculation? Google isn't helping.

Regardless, we think the comments posted about this GIF provide the most likely explanation: epic lightsaber duel.


[Flickr: trophygeek]