December 31, 2012

Open: Pressed Juicery

Just in time for the end of the holiday season and the beginning of the New Year: Pressed Juicery opened today at the corner of 24th and Sanchez. Judging from the foot traffic it's getting more than a few Noe Valley neighbors will be cleansing in early 2013.

Pressed Juicery
3901 24th Street
Mon-Fri 7:30am-8pm/Sat-Sun 8am-8pm


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused as to why this place has such appeal when it is a non local company using non organic ingredients sourced from Los Angeles area, they don't even juice there. I am a but disappointed that we as a community can't sponsor something more environmentally responsible and more true to a San Francisco aesthetic. I want to prevent our seemingly impending transition into San Francisco's Pasadena.

Anonymous said...

Anon- which local, organic and environmentally responsible business would you approve of? Where were they in the nearly 2 years this space has been empty?

Anonymous said...

To anon, 1/7, 11:05a.m.
You read my mind. I don't understand the attraction to an LA company with non-organic fruit, grown who knows where, under who knows what conditions. The jobs (except for those employees actually working in the retail space) don't even benefit San Francisco. Where is the facility where all this stuff is processed? Not here. This is not the path I would have hoped for Noe Valley. Whoever said we are turning into the Marina was right on the money. And to the 2nd anon in this post, I'm guessing that there were local businesses (or wannabe local businesses) that were interested in the space, but the over-the-top rent was an insurmountable obstacle. 24th Street has devolved from a local, closely knit business community to one of chains, banks, realtors, financial companies, and more recently, medical / dental companies -- almost all of them destinations that don't need foot traffic and are slowly changing a viable shopping street. I would like to say thank you to Fidelity National Title who chose not to locate on 24th, instead going to a side street. Not only that, but they (or their landlord) painted the place, updated it, and removed that peeling, unattractive billboard on the side of the building. I wish we had more responsible businesses like them. Thank you as well to the independent restaurants that have opened in our neighborhood over the last few years. It's wonderful not to have to leave Noe when we want to go out for a bite. And finally, welcome, Caskhouse! I can't wait until you open!

Anonymous said...

maybe a juicy Lucy storefront or something closer to sidewalk juice or corazon on 24th?

Anonymous said...

I did some simple maths.
To avoid bankruptcy, they need to sell one bottle every 90 seconds (I'll be kind and say "2 minutes" during opening hours).

So I'm not even going in - because they'll close down by summer. Therefore who cares?
(I do care for the poor employes. I hope they are already scooting the job postings).

BTW: the decor looks as welcoming as the tooth-pulling dental office. It makes the juices (non organic? WTF?) as appealing as mouth wash.

But again, WTF with outsiders coming in? and WTF with the landlord - who is ultimately the one deciding who moves in?

Anonymous said...

I love this place. The juice tastes so much better than any other place in SF. Thank you for opening!

As for you Nah sayers.... I see you filling up Starbucks, David's Tea's, Wholefoods, La Boulange.....

All of these are not "LOCAL" yet you Anoy people flock to these places. If you are so passionate you should have put up your own money and opened something yourself!

Anonymous said...

I actually stumbled across the "same" business - but LOCAL ... AND ORGANIC ... AND less expensive .... AND GREEN (reuse glass instead of toss plastic) ... (and benefiting the community)