December 4, 2012

Coming Soon: MF Chicken Replacing Hahn's Hibachi

Inside Scoop shares the news today that another new restaurant/take-out venue is headed to Noe soon – and it will replace the Korean BBQ restaurant Hahn's Hibachi. Called MF Chicken, it will be a Mexican-inspired rotisserie chicken spot from Joe Hargrave and chef Telmo Faria, the team behind Tacolicious in the Mission. From the writeup:
"The emphasis is going to be on takeout," says Hargrave, adding that he and his wife (San Francisco Magazine's Sara Deseran) live with their kids three blocks away and are always looking for easy weeknight dinners. "The idea is that people can pop in for lunch, or a mom can stop by after picking up kids from school and get a whole chicken with sides for dinner."

Faria, who will be the chef, explains the MF Chicken concept: "You can order a half or whole bird and pick your sides and you'll get your salsas and La Palma tortillas … The food will be fresh and quality, but it will be approachable and it will be affordable."

MF Chicken will be beer and wine only, and there will be an emphasis on the aguas frescas and horchata. Since it's a small space (25-30 seats), it will be a relatively quick build-out; Hahn’s Hibachi is currently still open.

Noe Valley residents that live within 2 blocks of the current restaurant are likely to be happy about the change, and they can still get their Korean BBQ fix at the Hahn's on Polk or Irving.

MF Chicken
1305 Castro Street at 24th Street

[Inside Scoop: MF Chicken, from the Tacolicious crew, headed to Noe Valley]
[NVV: Residents Fuming Over Odors from Hahn's Hibachi]


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

K-Pop on 18th and Castro will by my Korean BBQ fix now.

Anonymous said...

gross. I hope they have good ventilation and don't make the whole sidewalk smell like chicken or dangle chicken carcasses along their windows. Not everyone is a fan of consuming animals.

Anonymous said...

Then don't walk by there.
Not everyone is a fan of eating dirt.

Anonymous said...

I hope they will forego the usual factory-farmed chickens from Sysco and instead use organic, pasture-raised chickens.

Noe Valley, SF said...

According to the post by Inside Scoop (linked to above) MF Chicken will use Mary's Chickens.

Anonymous said...

I hope they make the sidewalk smell like delicious chicken and show the plump juicy birds in the window