December 13, 2012

DEA Action On Chattanooga Last Night

We received a few emails today about DEA action on Chattanooga St last night. This email from johnnyawe best set the scene:
In the middle of the night last night we heard pounding noise and angry voices, "open the door", not our house but nearby and loud enough to wake us up. This morning at 8:15am - 3 SUVs and 1 town car marked "department of justice" parked on the sidewalk and also in the driveway of 283-285 chattanooga. Several DEA agents (wearing all black with yellow letters "DEA") loading stuff into the cars.

This Tweet from KCBS reporter Ted Goldberg only adds to the mystery:

Nothing else from any of the neighborhood email lists or local news sources. Can anyone provide more info?

Update from the comments:

[Photo: Street View]


Anonymous said...

The DEA bust occurred just after 6 AM on Thursday AM. Very loud, jarring - "Just like in the movies." Officers seem to have found the person(s) and/or items they were searching for without additional incident. Things were wrapped up quickly. Guess we'll have to wait and see on the specifics.

Anonymous said...


Folo up to Thurs DEA raid in SF: agents arrested Young Yu, 52, of SF on a warrant out of Sclara Co. on state drug violations and conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Last night?

Anonymous said...
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Noe Valley, SF said...

Keep the language clean, please.