December 27, 2012

Crime Beat: Daytime Phone Jacking On Church St

From the Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletter:
December 19

-- 11:21am Duncan/Church. Officers Rueca and Elton went to investigate a robbery that just occurred at Church and Duncan Streets. They met with the victim who was visibly shaken up. The victim said she had just parked her car and began walking on the sidewalk while talking on her Apple Iphone, which was described as Black in color with an Orange and White striped phone cover. As the victim arrived at her destination, she saw a suspect crouching down on the sidewalk who appeared to be tying his shoe laces. When she walked past him, the suspect quickly stood up and pushed her, knocking her off balance and snatched her cell phone right out of her hand. The suspect then pulled his hood over his head and fled the scene. After the units searched the area, Officers Hurwitz and Canales located and detained a subject matching the physical and clothing description. The victim was transported to view the subject and she immediately recognized him as the same suspect who just robbed her. The Officer then searched the suspect and found a Black Iphone with Orange and White striped cover, just as the victim had described. The suspect couldn’t deny it and admitted to taking the phone. The suspect was booked accordingly for the robbery.
Stay frosty.


Noe Lessons said...

Noe lesson: always carry bear spray.

Bookmom said...

Great news that they caught this person so quickly. Good work by the police.

Anonymous said...

Other view point: I see so many people walking around yakking on their cell phones, paying ZERO attention to their surroundings, walking in front of traffic, not looking each way, completely oblivious to the real world.

Advice: get off your damn phone once in a while and look around you.

Nails Doverspike said...

Wow anon 6:46 PM you are so right on the button, such as it is.

Anonymous said...

Come on! This was not a case of someone not paying attention. I live off Church. It's a generally safe area. I am also the type to look behind me when pulling out my phone and again while talking. Seeing someone tying their shoe wouldn't seem a threat around that area to me. "Shady" parts of SF perhaps but I never pull out my phone in those.

Again, good police work. Also thanks for the victim for reporting the crime and for doing it right after so it could be solved.