November 4, 2012

Vacated: 1513 Church St

Usually we'd say a business had "closed" but it was never clear that Realty World BLUE on Church St was ever open. Some IKEA furniture and a brochure in the window was the only sign of activity since "opening" in May. This week the space was abruptly cleared out.

That means the 1500 block of Church St is now an empty stretch with Heliotrope packing up next door, and La Sirena Botanica also still vacant. ADA remains a challenge at 1513-1515, and rumored seismic repairs for 1509 have not been permitted or started (but dry-rot at the rear porch has been repaired). Sadly, it could be a while before we see life on that block.

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Anonymous said...

Sure it may be costly, but at some point in time the property owners MUST face up to fact of upgrading their valuable properties to comply with ADA and seismic standards. Facts of life. They can't put it off forever.