November 15, 2012

Opening: Little Folkies

The space vacated by Heliotrope on Church St has transformed into the new location for Little Folkies, an oh-so-Noe music class for kids and parents. From the flyer:
Little Folkies is a song circle for children and their parents/caregivers. It's a fun-filled and relaxed incarnation of this classic children's music format, making music with family and friends in a circle (minus the campfire).

The songs of Little Folkies presents the stuff of day to day life in language understood and loved by class members both young and old, especially relatable to children.

The songs presented at Little Folkies cover a lot of ground and will provide endless hours of fun and moments of pure joy for you and your family. The 35-40 minute class will highlight the experience of singing this wonderful material in a cozy, comfortable environment surrounded by friendly faces.
That's a lot of words to sell the classic campfire song, but it's nice to see something going in that bare stretch of Church.

No strollers (or shoes) allowed inside. The class schedule and prices are posted on the website.

Little Folkies
1515 Church St. @ 27th St