November 29, 2012

Crime Beat: Have You Seen This Package Thief?

From Jonathan:
I live on 22nd Street. We have been victimized by the "bicycle bandit" for years. We have called the police on several occasions when we have seen him in the neighborhood but they told us there was nothing they could do until someone caught him the act. Fortunately for us (and the residents of Noe Valley) he was arrested the other day after Sonya Yu's daring arrest.

I took this photo of him a few weeks ago. When we yelled at him to get out of the neighborhood and leave us alone he smiled and waved. I'm sending this to you because his arraignment is today and most likely he'll be released. If anyone sees him riding his bicycle in the neighborhood they should call the Mission Police Station at 558-5400. If they see him stealing anything or even up on anyone's front porch they should dial 911.
So what about it Noe Valley? Do you have pictures of this guy in the area? We want everyone to know who this guy is. Send your photos and we'll add them to the post - and tell your neighbors to be on the lookout.

Here's another via Twitter user @gmbrickley (from Bernal Heights):

[NVSF: Crime Beat: Suspected Package Thief Doused With Bear Spray, Arrested]
[NVSF: Video: Thief Empties Box Left By OnTrac]


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Anonymous said...

This guy was caught stealing a package from behind my gated entry. He gave it back when confronted and then left. The police were called immediately and they suggested I go to the Mission Station to file a report. Too much effort for too little impact.

murphstahoe said...

Next time someone sets up a bait trap for the guy - STEAL HIS BIKE

Anonymous said...


hmmm..Id' say there's about a 5% he paid for the bike he's on right now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting his photo! It is going to help all of us in NV to be vigilant. Everyone, please, let's keep an eye out for each other.