April 12, 2012

Announced: Mill

The Castro district's Unionmade is opening a women's clothing store in Noe Valley. Via Refinery 29:
Just yesterday, Barket told us, the Unionmade powers that be have started renovating a former liquor store at 3751 24th Street, on the corner of Chattanooga, in Noe Valley. The resulting property will become Mill, Unionmade's first-ever womenswear shop.
More details pending. Stay tuned.

[NVSF: Live The Dream: Prime Corner Space For Lease]


Anonymous said...

Oh God No! The traffic! THE TRAFFIC!

Typical Cranky Noe Neighbor

Noe Nate said...

I applaud womenswear shops. I'm happy that they will pave the way for a DSW in the Real Foods space.

Anonymous said...

TCNN for mayor