April 20, 2012

This Week In Noe Valley

News from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:


Nelson said...

The J-Church changes include a proposal to "Replace all-way stop signs with a traffic signal or traffic calming measures" on four intersections along Church between 24th and 29th.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of traffic signals; will slow down the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, the greening in this location is nice, but why didn't they ALSO plant some trees? And that drainable paving in front of the Ross Levy architects is hideous. they should have planted a tree as well.

The corner still looks barren. There are literally hundreds of spots available for more trees on Sanchez from 21st st to 30th. Hundreds.

Paul said...

^^ Rocky's Day now posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

The 26th Street re-do put in dozens of native plants. It all looks nice now and will look better still in a few months / years as the plants grow. Especially if property owners maintain the gardens.

Trees aren't the only way to green up an area. Grasses and bush/shrubs, not trees, were what were universal around here before "we" came around.

Besides, a key purpose of the 26th Street re-do was to open up some concrete, so rain and other water soaks in, and doesn't just run to the drains.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (the one complaining about the trees not being put in):
Have you participated in a tree planting/greening project via FUF or the city? It sounds like perhaps you haven't because it is actually quite an ordeal to get it implemented. You have to organize owner buy-in (and keep in mind many of those properties are rentals) just to do a planting, let alone agree on what will be planted. It seems crazy, but there are many, many owners who don't want any trees or shrubs in front of their buildings. As well, the city has some restrictions on which sections can be cut and planted. So there is a whole lot that goes on prior to the actual planting. In any case, Mary Carr (sp?) of Spin City coffee gets major kudos for organizing this and seeing it through from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

I think MariCar did a great job with this whole project.

However, I'm very surprised that the Friends of the Urban Forrest allowed for this type of planting. This space does nothing to add to the "urban forrest". It does allow for additional drainage...but that's it. ugly IMO.

The lack of trees is really disappointing. The landscaping in 1-3 years will probably be neglected and full of poop and trash. However, ff trees were planted (the space was ideal for 4 trees), the space would be lovely for years to come.