April 13, 2012

This Week In Noe Valley

News from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:
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Noe Nate said...

Who needs a farmer's market when there's a Costco just down the street in South San Francisco?

Anonymous said...

I recall that one of the arguments against the plaza on Noe Street was all the double parkers at Starbucks.

Now that the Farmer's Market Lot is going to become condos thanks the the Ministry playing the City like a fiddle, and the double parkers have moved to Philz, can we just put the Farmer's Market onto Noe Street?

Anonymous said...

No one is say absolutely, at this time, that the farmers market lot IS going to become condos. That may happen, true.

But, let's be real. The property is privately owned by the NV ministry. They have a right to develop it, sell it, donate it or whatever, at their discretion.

And guess what? It would take the owners of Zinga, Twitter or Facebook about 1 minute to write a check in full to pay for the lot AND develop it into a public park.

They could easily do it. Will they?

I'm doubtful but hopeful.

Anonymous said...

After all the commentary about how all all "these dot.commers" do is work and they "don't care about the neighborhood" we want them to write a big fat check to Noe Valley? Cheeky.

I'm pretty certain that Facebook is based in Menlo and the "owner" lives in Palo Alto. "Zinga" (sic) is owned by a guy in Pac Heights. @ev has left the hood. Why is it that they should adopt Noe Valley as their new cause?

Anonymous said...

Here are some reasons (my own) but worth considering:

1. Because they can.

2. Mark Zuckerberg hangs out a lot in the Mission at clubs and bars, as well as Dolores Park. I suspect he really loves the City.

3. The founder of Twitter lives on Valley St. here in Noe.

Bill Gates doesn't live in every city he gives money to.

Anonymous said...

Why would Zuckerberg buy a parking lot in Noe Valley instead of dropping coin on Dolores Park? The Mission? When all this neighborhood has done has told them that their employees are a pox and we hate their shuttle buses.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I don't think their employees are a "pox" nor do I hate their shuttle buses.

Jealous much?

Paul said...

This sounds similar to a certain someone wearing a black coat, building a large rubber band ball and looking for a job.

Somewhere in these comments is a disenchanted town square fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this neighborhood will appreciate the new housing more than the Farmer's Market. 2 bedroom apartments in Noe are going for $5,000 a month.

Anonymous said...

What kind of twisted logic is that? How would "the neighborhood" appreciate a few people paying a lot of rent? How about the hundreds of people who shop at the weekly farmers market? That's appreciation.

Anonymous said...

More housing, lower rent. Supply, demand. Put the farmer's market on 24th Street. QED.