October 18, 2011

New Legislation To Curb Dog Walkers

Here's the press release. Emphasis ours:
Supervisor Wiener Introduces Legislation Regulating Commercial
Dogwalkers Who Use City Property

Among other things, legislation would limit number of dogs walked at one time to 7

San Francisco (October 18, 2011): At today's Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation to set standards for commercial dogwalkers who conduct their business in City parks or on property owned by the Port of San Francisco or the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The legislation will require commercial dogwalkers to obtain a permit, pay an annual permit fee, receive training, certify that their vehicle is fit for transporting dogs, carry required equipment, and ensure that the dogs they are walking have licenses. In addition, the legislation will allow commercial dogwalkers using city property to walk no more than seven dogs at one time.

To formulate this legislation, Supervisor Wiener worked with a broad coalition, including the SPCA, the Neighborhood Parks Council, professional dogwalker groups, dog owner groups, and the affected city departments. The idea of regulating commercial dogwalkers has been around for a number of years, but this is the first time that a Supervisor has converted the idea into legislation.

"Commercial dogwalkers provide a critical service to the many San Franciscans with dogs," said Supervisor Wiener. "This service must be carried out in a professional manner that respects city property and the other users of that property. There are many responsible and professional dogwalkers in San Francisco, and we need to ensure that the few irresponsible dogwalkers don't give the many good ones a bad name."

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, co-president of the San Francisco SPCA, adds: “This is important legislation that recognizes our City's unique relationship with dogs. Dogwalkers provide an important service for many guardians in San Francisco and these standards help ensure the safety and protection of our City’s animals and the wellbeing of its residents.”

Professional dogwalker organizations also support the legislation. "For the many professional dogwalkers who are well-trained, who know how to care for dogs, and who respect the city property they use, this legislation will legitimate them and will require dogwalkers who lack training or skills to get training," said Angela Gardener of San Francisco Professional Dogwalkers Association. "It will also provide firm standards to ensure that all of us in the industry operate under the same rules."

Scott Wiener
Member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
District 8
(415) 554-6968

[NVSF: How Well Do You Know Your Dog Walker, Noe Valley?]
[SFGate: Should Dog Walkers Be Licensed? (2009)]
[Photo: ipetblog.net]


Anonymous said...

I thought this was what Yelp was invented for...

Anonymous said...

Yelp: "The flan is runny and the waiter is rude."

Dept of Public Health: "There's a rat in the kitchen."

Anonymous said...

The department of public health was put in place because there were plenty of incidents where the public health was clearly threatened, potentially on a large scale, by businesses that can fade the costs of regulation.

There are some anecdotal examples about dogwalker problems, some of them aren't even urban legends. That's not the sort of scope that really should require regulation and legislation.

Anonymous said...

Okay, fine, towels under your nudist bum, only seven dogs to the leash, thanks, Scott -- but how about Muni reform, affordable housing, jobs? Time to take on the big stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey 1:31, to some of us this IS big stuff.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? A slight decrease in dog poop in the parks is worth more to you than a functioning transit system? That's cool, I guess. (It's not really an either/or situation anyway.) From my side I would like to see a little more ambitious legislation from the supervisor's office. Dream bigger about what this city could be.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Harvey Milk also fascinated by doggy doo-doo in parks? He pushed the "pooper scooper" bill through City Hall IIRC.

I think I'll leave it there, thank you very much ...

murphstahoe said...

And Anonymous celebrates! It was fun while it lasted ;)