October 11, 2011

For Sale: Fattoush Restaurant

Yet another Noe restaurant is for sale. From the listing:
Fattoush Restaurant - FOR SALE
Noe Valley Neighborhood Location
Turnkey & Fully Equipped

Location: 1361 Church Street

Website: www.fattoush.com

Space: Approximately 1,500 Sq. Ft. including Patio

Seats: 96 Total Seats
(40 in dining area + 40 in patio + 16 at front sidewalk seating)

Liquor License: Type 41

Lease: Initial Term: Through May 31, 2016
Plus two 5-Year options through May 31, 2026

Rent: Current monthly rent is $5,216.73 per month

Sales Price: Contact Broker

Comments: Beautiful Outdoor Patio renovated in 2008 features a wine bar. Restaurant is currently operating and prospects are urged to not talk to employees.
Contact broker Bruce Breitman at BBGLTD@gmail.com or (415) 435-4506 for more info.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if this has anything to do with the recent Groupon debacle where the owner managed to alienate both old and new customers by making it difficult, if not impossible to use the coupons...

ben said...

Probably not, but a salient warning to small businesses on the dangers of using Groupon. It loses you a ton of money and all it gets you is whining from entitled cheapskates.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the neighbors to the right of the restaurant -- extremely loud twenty-somethings playing live music all the time -- had anything to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Good point. The next door neighbor is a kid who has a really loud garage band going most days and into the evening. And his pals park and loiter in front of the house. Must be hard for the owner to run a restaurant with the nuisance going on out front.

Liberty Hiller said...

I never saw the point of going to brunch at a place that doesn't serve bacon.

Anonymous said...

oh, no! I really enjoy Fattoush for both brunch and dinner and the folks working here have always been really nice to me and my family. they know my order :) I even used a groupon here without issue, fyi. too bad the neighbors make it uninviting on the block.

Anonymous said...

The luster has gone off the owner's gleem. This place has been suffering for a while now.