October 3, 2011

Another Noe Valley House Fire

There have been a few big fires around the City in the last few weeks, including the two-alarm fire on 24th St (don't forget the benefit this Thursday) and the porch fire at 1209 Church that attracted all the early morning helicopters on Friday. There was another on Sunday at 22nd and Sanchez. We weren't around, but a Upper Noe neighbor sent us the above picture, adding that it was taken just after the SFFD arrived about 5:30pm.

Here's a little more info on today's fire from Twitter:
 Whitney Hills 
Something is seriously on fire in Noe Valley. I can smell smoke over on Valencia.

 Marisol Segal 
Anyone is noe valley know what's going on? i hear threes a fire on sanchez and 22nd.

FIRE: heavy smoke as firefighters arrive (on yet another) fire at Sanchez & 22nd in Noe/Castro/Mission area. 

 looks like fire dept has it under control, this was several mins ago when they'd just arrived 

Can anyone provide more details? Opportunities for providing assistance?

[NVSF: Benefit for the Noe Valley 24th Street Fire Victims]


Nails Doverspike said...

Ya, I live nearby....the fire department got to the fire very quickly (bravo) saving the house and also saving the adjoining houses; thankfully, no one was injured...the fire department rescued the resident cat and the paramedics gave the kitty oxygen...the house is historic and one of the first ones built on the hill (1885)and used to be owned and occupied by a famous drag queen who starred for many years (as Joan Crawford) at the once very famous and now defunct Finocchio's.

Anonymous said...

Our awesome Fire Fighters had this blaze extinguished in between 5 and 7 minutes! Incredibly fast! Why would we EVER want to cut funding for our Fire Stations???

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that if we had to give the fire fighters a 10% paycut, they would not extinguish the fires in 5-7 minutes?