June 16, 2010

Suspended: Tamasei Sushi Liquor License

Reader Jennifer sent us this tip about Tamasei Sushi at 3856 24th Street (@ Vicksburg):

"Liquor license suspension for the little sushi place on 24th between Church and Sanchez. Posted on the front windows. There was a sign a few days ago saying that they were closed for vacation, but maybe it was because they got busted."

The sign in the windows of the nook-sized sushi spot says the alcohol license has been suspended "indefinitely" as of June 10, 2010. Meanwhile, the California ABC site still shows the license is active and there are no previous violations - and the restaurant was open for business today.

Tamasei is on the site of the old Matsuya restaurant which closed in 2006 and was allegedly the oldest sushi bar in SF. According to Wikipedia, the owners of the current restaurant are the founders of the Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Company.

Update: A reader writes: "The reason the license was suspended was because he went on vacation and forgot to pay the fee. Should be cleared up soon."


Eric Suesz said...

The owners are also the former owners of Country Station Sushi on Mission Street, which closed a few years ago. It was a very cool place, very artistic and unique. Hand-written menus. They had instruments hanging around, and when the mariachi singers stopped in they encouraged everyone to grab an instrument and play and sing along. They often worked in Butoh-inspired costumes. They're very nice people, and they make great food. Stop in and say hello.


Michael Sakamoto said...

The owners are butoh dancers from almost the first generation in Japan and have been a Bay Area institution for 30 years. Come out and show your love and support!

ben said...

Another great local institution being harassed by the ABC goons.