June 17, 2010

Family Fun This Weekend

Two events worth noting:

The Noe Valley Association and the Noe Valley Merchant's and Professional's Association are putting on the first annual Midsummer Celebration from 3-6pm on Saturday, June 19th. Among other things, there's a hayride leaving from Walgreen's, a petting zoo and face painting at the Noe Valley Ministry parking lot, and garden demos at Whole Foods. Live music, too.

And on the 20th, it's Sunday Streets in the Mission from 10am-3pm. Follow the link for a map of street closures and events.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Noe Valley is turning into family day at the mall.

What next? a Disney store coming to 24th St.

I think it's all those new suburbanites who moved here recently trying to add that plaza to Noe St.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like, seriously. Who cares about families? People with kids? What jerks!! Live music? I hate live music!! You know who really likes livable streets and pedestrian-centered activities and live music and stuff? Surburbanites! That's why when you go out to the suburbs, it's all pedestrian plazas everywhere, as far as the eye can see. You can't drive your car anywhere because everywhere you go you run into a pedestrian plaza or a bunch of people face painting in the middle of the street.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got my point. I've heard the stroller moms are pushing to attract a Chuck E. Cheese to 24th St.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know they'll start calling the cops on us when we're doing cocaine in the bathrooms at Noe's and The Peaks.

Anonymous said...

I will ignore the tedious snippiness above and ask whether anybody else finds it odd that they are doing a "midsummer celebration" 2 days before the start of summer?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a wonderful idea. A great opportunity for people to get out and meet their neighbors. Yes, there are families (with children) in Noe Valley, but is that a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ignoring the snippiness by injecting your own snippiness!!!! Awesome!!!

"Midsummer may simply refer to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place around the 24th of June and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between cultures."


Why are the Europeans taking over Noe Valley?????!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've recently heard that a Hooters is looking into leasing the Twin Peaks property office for a small, family style bar and restaurant.

The dad's here in Noe should love that. Now they won't have to drive to Tanforan for cocktails.