June 4, 2010

Tidbits: Church Street

One of Incanto's New Pigs

Grubstreet tipped us off that AmberJack Sushi is for sale. Apparently chef-owner Stewart Chen is offloading restaurants all over the place and "has decided to retire." Or not. Listing here.

Speaking of sushi, still no change at Deep: Modern Izakaya. That is...except for a notice on the door that the dishwashing equipment is leased and they want it back. Guess their last tweet in September really didn't pan out.

Re:Construction Salon is open in the old When Modern Was space at 1504 Church St.

Heliotrope is set to open in the old Green Twig space at 1515 Church St. Expect: "Natural, locally sourced skin care, customized aromatherapy blends, personal health products and decorative accessories." Since the landlord advertised a "one year lease--no options" they'll need to stabilize pretty darn quick. Still shooting for "early June."

Finally, we heard through the grapevine that Vetran's Liquor at 1710 Church St has actually been leased as a non-retail office for months now. You'd think they'd want to at least replace the broken glass?


Anonymous said...

Just a note to folks. Stuart Chen has not owned any interest in Amberjack for years. It is for sale but has nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

kinda wish that something awesome would replace Deep Sushi and Veteran's Liquors. I thought that Veteran's was going to be a gallery? That block of Church has the potential to be so great.