April 11, 2010

Spring In Noe Valley: Seeds On Streets

We completely missed this (but think we may have an excuse as the chica wearing the parka reminds us how unspring-like the weather is thanks to El NiƱo). Feel the Earth, led by "award-winning visionary leader" Jonathan Silverman, was on 24th St yesterday. From the website:
Our community goal is using public space to support local urban food production. For 4 hours we will gather 200 participants to work together to seed 50 flats.

Over 2,000 vegetables/herbs/flowers seedlings are to be distributed throughout the needs of various schools and local community gardens that are established in San Francisco.
[Picasa: Seeds on Streets]
[Feel The Earth]


Anonymous said...

and new businesses will eventually fill those empty storefronts.

the sky is not falling. life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Urban farming is fun and everything, but lets not kid ourselves that it is energy efficient or a solution to any of our problems. Just a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my problem was I wanted incredibly fresh organic veggies for dirt cheap. And urban farming was EXACTLY the solution to my problem.

Just a reality check, bro.