April 28, 2010

Noe Valley Restaurant Ban Nearly Over

With a unanimous vote Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors repealed the Noe Valley restriction, meaning restaurants need only conditional-use permits to open along the commercial stretch of 24th Street. The permit process requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission and public notification. A granted permit can be appealed to the Board of Supervisors.
The final (procedural) vote is next week.

[SFE: New eateries in Noe Valley given green light]]
[NVSF: Update: Planning Commission Allows More Restaurants In Noe Valley]


kitchen bitch said...

Limit some of the chain restaurants and businesses but also realize when there is a need for one or two of them. Eventually some of the amazing locally owned businesses may expand and be considered a chain are you going to kick them out? No I don't think so.

murphstahoe said...

The public hearing process should take care of that. As it is, most of what we get are chains - not McDonalds, but the most recent additions to 24th St are Fresca, Boulange, Patxis, and Little Chihuahua, all good, all small chains.

Contigo also counts in this area, but we should be able to have more places like that, the change in the rules should encourage that.

kitchen tables said...

I can’t wait to go and eat in that kind of place. I am wondering how delicious are the foods that they are going to offer. I am excited.