April 9, 2010

Crime Beat: Noe Valley Homicide

Via the Examiner, a man was killed tonight at 28th and Sanchez:
A man was fatally stabbed in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood Thursday night, a police spokesman said.

Officers responded to an altercation near the intersection of 28th and Sanchez streets shortly after 9 p.m. and found a man suffering multiple stab wounds, Officer Boaz Mariles said.

The victim, who appeared to be in his 20s, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:07 p.m., according to Mariles.
Update (via SFGate):
Charles McAleer-Bonilla, 30, of San Francisco was attacked near the corner of 28th and Sanchez streets at about 9 p.m. Thursday, authorities said.

McAleer-Bonilla was pronounced dead at San Francisco General Hospital.

No arrests have been made, and a motive for the slaying is under investigation, said Officer Bo Mariles, a San Francisco Police Department spokesman.
[Examiner: Man fatally stabbed in Noe Valley]
[SFGate: Noe Valley slaying victim identified]


Anonymous said...

No other details that I can find yet. Was it random? Kind of scary, always thought Noe Valley was safe. This is only 3 blocks from my home.

Emily said...

i was wondering what all the cops were doing 2 blocks from my house last night. ugh.

Sara Delekta Galligan said...

I hope it was random. We live just a few houses down from where it happened.

Anonymous said...

One: Has this happened before in this neighborhood or any other neighborhood in the Bay Area with a stabbing, male, young, quiet neighborhood?
Two: Is this young man from the neighborhood?
Three: Is a neighborhood watch in place at present?

I say get on top of it Noe Valley, this is not cool. I feel so sad for this young man, who lost his life. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

LLW said...

This is very sad, and very disconcerting. But we need to wait for more details which hopefully will be in filled by the SFPD.

There are definitely numerous neighborhood watch programs in the neighborhood. You can contact Jon Shepard of SAFE at jon@sfsafe.org if you're interested in finding the nearest one to you.

Anonymous said...

4 blocks away on Wednesday:

03:05 pm 100 blk if Tiffany Robbery w/Gun, Att.
Officers Pederson and Hornstein responded to the area of Tiffany and 29th St regarding a shooting with numerous other Ingleside and Mission Station officers. The officers located the victim and broadcast a description of the suspect. The victim was walking down the street with his 13 year old daughter when he was approached by two Hispanic
male adults. The main suspect pointed a gun at the victim and
demanded his gold neck chains. The victim yelled that he was not going
to be robbed in front of his daughter and attempted to fight with the suspect. The gun fired and the victim was hit on the hand. The victim then tore off his chains, threw them at the suspect and ran away with his daughter. The suspect was located several blocks away by Officers Elton and Rueca. The suspects fought with the officers
who were eventually able to take him into custody with the assistance of other officers. The suspect had the loaded revolver still in his pants pocket with the victims’ chains in his other pants pocket. The second suspect was not located. Report number 100323114

Anonymous said...

I think it's about time as a community we need to find out what's going on in our neighborhood. This is literally right around the corner from my house too. Is this a local resident who was killed? Was it gang related? We need more information from the police. We need to stop this kind of violence not only in our neighborhood but in our city.

LLW said...


Anonymous said...

and yet we have people fighting and carping about a stupid plaza and a few benches. disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"Via the Examiner, a man was killed tonight at 28th and Sanchez"

Should be "last night", not tonight, since this was posted for April 9.

Anonymous said...

My brother, dad, and I ran into the crime scene after dinner on our walk home from 29th & Church last night. It turns out that the victim went to school with my brother at St. Pauls Elementary (class of 93) - so him and his family are definitely from the neighborhood. His mom helps the kids cross the street during school days. I've known her for years.
I'm pretty shaken up about it...RIP Chuckie. Sending lots of prayers to his family.

Anonymous said...

I have heard there has been more robberies in the neighborhood too. Our buildings front door was bashed in, thankfully nothing was stolen.

Anonymous said...

Someone should keep an eye on those kids that hang out around Chucks Sun Valley corner store at night.

murphstahoe said...

@anonymous - "and yet we have people fighting and carping about a stupid plaza and a few benches. disgusting."

Being involved with that effort I will find the silver lining. There were a LOT of people there last night. And while there were different viewpoints, everyone likes living here and cares about the neighborhood.

More to the point - there were a lot of people there last night - mostly on the yes side - who are newer to the neighborhood and are just now finding out how to get involved and how to find out what is going on in their neighborhood. Sometimes it takes a tangential, unexpected, and perhaps trivial issue like a plaza to bring people into the circle, empower them, which will result in them being involved in issues far less trivial.

Rest in Peace Mr. McAleer-Bonilla.


John Murphy - Plazas for the People.

Anonymous said...

Oh please..you're really reaching now..yes, there were a lot of people at the meeting last night also against the plaza...those who live on jersey and eliz and other streets.

and now you're trying to gain sympathy for your viewpoint on the plaza by attempting to connect it to this tragedy on Sanchez St, going something like this:.."maybe if we had a plaza where we could all gather as one big empowered happy family, an get into a big circle and chant together, this stabbing would not have happened.."

you're disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Keep it to the other thread, folks. The plaza has nothing to do with this incident.

Calling your neighbors disgusting on this thread (twice) is, well... you know... disgusting.

insidesfre said...

There was a homicide several years ago at 27th & Guerrero, which spurred my neighbors & I to enlist SAFE to start a neighborhood watch group. We all got connected, and there was at least peace of mind that everyone could alert each other if there was any suspicious activity happening.

I would encourage the residents in the 28th & Sanchez area to get connected via SAFE. It takes some organization, but it should be even easier to stay in touch with all the social networks that exist.

Anonymous said...

According to the rules of this site: "Unruly and/or deliberately offensive comments will be deleted. Please be civil."

Can we please follow through here? There is a hugely offending lack of civility going on in this thread. I'll stand by while the moderator prepares the delete button. I'm waiting...

Anonymous said...

charlie you were a great friend to me like a brother it was a pleasure to work with you and i promise your family i will find the persons or person responsible for taking your life layin him out like kitchen tile, justice will be done or thy heavens fall william f mcdonagh farwell my young apprentice the force will always be with you and god bless your family they raised a fine young man yes charlie was from your neighborhood tell the pd im tired of doing their job church of the nativity militia

Anonymous said...

In addition, about a month ago a woman was assaulted (and potentially abducted) at 1:30am outside of our home (Sat night/Sun am) on 28th between Church and Dolores. Cops arrived quickly but we couldn't find much on this incident in the local papers afterwards. Hoping that the woman is ok. Very scary. Folks should be extra vigilant when walking around after sundown.

Anonymous said...

"church of the nativity militia"

whoah! sounds like it's best for all of noe valley to end this thread right here, huh?!

insidesfre said...

I encourage you all to attend our Upper Noe Neighbors meeting this Thurs 4/15. We will have the temporary police captain present. Should be a good place to ask questions about this and other recent incidents. Please join us at 7:30PM at the Rec Center at Day & Sanchez.--Eileen, UNN Board

Anonymous said...

I live on church and valley and also work at Tuggey's Hardware on 24th st. Im born and raised in noe valley. I grew up with chuckie, and his family. He'll be missed. Great guy and a great father. R.I.P

LN said...

insidesfre: I also live near 27th and Guerrero but can't attend the meeting this week - how do we find out more about the neighborhood watch/SAFE program?

Anonymous said...

@LN - check the earlier comments, there are links and phone number for SAFE

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood is falling apart. A month ago we saw a guy get the crap beat out of him on church and 28th. The police officers sometimes just don't respond or are too slow to actually get things done. It's ashame to see the downfall of this neighborhood. Glad I didn't buy a house, easy to leave.

Anonymous said...

From today's Chronicle:

Investigators believe whoever stabbed to death a San Francisco Water Department employee outside his home in San Francisco's Noe Valley last week left a blood trail four blocks long, police said Thursday.

Charles McAleer-Bonilla was killed on the threshold of his home at 305 28th St. shortly before 9 p.m. April 8, and police found a blood trail leading away from the scene for four blocks, suggesting one or more assailants may have been injured in the attack and left the scene bleeding, police said.

Investigators are releasing the information in the hope it may generate leads. Police have not revealed a possible motive, but called the crime "senseless."

The blood led from the crime scene west up 28th Street to Noe Street, then left on Valley Street, and then down to 29th Street, where the trail stopped, police said. That amount of blood indicated a "somewhat severe injury," and whoever was cut may have sought medical attention, police said.

McAleer, known by friends as Charlie, was the father of a young son and helped deliver mail within the Water Department.

Police are asking anyone with information about the slaying to call homicide Inspector John Cagney, (415) 734-3181. The anonymous tip line is (415) 575-4444.

E-mail John Coté at jcote@sfchronicle.com.

Anonymous said...

Someone had to have seen SOMETHING. An early article read that the police originally responded to a 911 call regarding an altercation, and another call was made about a man lying in the street...I'm sure anything would help the police. There's anonymous tip lines, and crime stopper that can be used, too. RIP Chuckie

Anonymous said...

SFPD Stumped By Noe Valley Stabbing

by Bay City News

April 15, 2010 8:39 PM

Previously: Victim Of Fatal Noe Valley Stabbing Identified

San Francisco police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect or suspects in the fatal stabbing of a 30-year-old man in the city's Noe Valley neighborhood last week.

Charles McAleer-Bonilla was stabbed on April 8 at about 8:50 p.m. on the threshold of his home at 305 28th St., according to police.

Arriving officers found McAleer-Bonilla suffering from multiple stab wounds. He was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead about an hour later, police said.

Investigators believe one or more suspects may have been injured during the stabbing, and left the scene bleeding. A trail of blood four blocks long was discovered by investigators from the scene of the crime.

The trail went west on 28th Street, south on Noe Street, west on Valley Street, and then south to 29th Street where it stopped, according to police.

The amount of blood would indicate a somewhat severe injury that may have required medical aid. Police Lt. Lyn Tomioka said DNA testing has been requested on the evidence, but "you don't get immediate results from that."

Investigators do not know if McAleer-Bonilla knew the suspect or if it was a random act of violence.

Ray Sargoni, who also lives in the 300 block of 28th Street, said he was concerned about the stabbing, which happened in the typically peaceful neighborhood.

"We don't know if it was random, or domestic violence or what, and unfortunately police aren't giving us anything," Sargoni said.

Tomioka said police have no other information about the homicide, the city's 14th of the year.

Anyone with information about the stabbing is asked to call police Inspector Cagney at (415) 734-3181, Inspector Delahunty at (415) 553-1336, or Inspector Martinovich at (415) 734-5405.

People can also call the anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or use Text-a-Tip by dialing TIP411 and putting SFPD in the text field.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised...it is strange, but there are packs of young teens (10-15) that rove the parks late at night. I'm listening to a group right now hanging out in Douglas Park yelling obscenities....lovely...I'd go outside but they might be dangerous....they definitely dont' live in the neighborhood...they must come from Diamond Heights or from Bayview and hang out in Noe Valley parks... POLICE PATROL YOUR BEATS! GET RID OF THESE KIDS!

Anonymous said...

yes, KIDS. HAHAHAHA. What's the matter - don't like diversity? ever wonder what happens to those 10 children your housekeeper has? They're they are.

Anonymous said...

Really, her kids are out stabbing people? HAHA?... is that funny? Do you have a point?

Anonymous said...

I think her/his point is that to call these animals "kids" is absurt. hence the laughter. do you have kids? do they stab people? if they do, I hate to break it to you but that's a problem.