April 3, 2010

More Pavement to Parks - and the Noe Valley Master Plan

Here's some further reading for those who want to be well-prepared for the Community Meeting on April 8 at 6:30PM at St. Philip's (665 Elizabeth Street) to discuss the proposed parklet/plaza at Noe and 24th:
  • The Noe Valley Association (NVA) has assembled a Questions & Answers document (PDF) to address Noe Valley community questions and concerns regarding the Pavement to Parks Program options for the neighborhood.

  • The Noe Valley Long-Term Plan is a 29-page PDF of the NVA's long-range plan developed for 24th Street involving extensive public meetings and community input starting in 2006. From the report:
  • The plan proposes strategies that would enhance the pedestrian experience of the street while addressing the need for amenities that encourage community interaction and taking into account environmental concerns…

  • Reader Murphstahoe highlights sketches of the proposed plaza/parklet on a blog dedicated to the creation of the plaza persuasively titled Yes Noe Valley.

  • And Kit Hodge, director of the San Francisco Great Streets Project points us to analysis his organization has done on the impact of other Pavement to Parks projects. He emphasizes that these are "independent reports; the City does its own data collection on traffic and other issues. But our analysis might help answer some questions for the curious." Also, the "before" study of the parklet on Divisadero is done; the group will be completing the "after" portion and issuing a report in a few months.


rocky's dad said...

that silly little blog, quickly created called Yes Noe Valley...

has had exactly:

zero comments in support of the plaza..

Anonymous said...

Doug- there is no need for you to attend the meeting then, since no one is in support. It will probably just be an empty room.

Plazas for the People said...

Editors Note: There are not, and will never be, comments on the Yes Noe Valley blog because we disabled the comments. Nobody felt like moderating a flame war there.