February 22, 2010

Urban Cellars: Busted Again

Urban Cellars' license has been suspended again for selling to a minor, and this time they've been shut down for 15 days. They'll reopen this Friday unless there's something we don't know. (Hmmm... is it really that hard to check ID?)

On a related note: That change of ownership mentioned in the comments last time? Application withdrawn. Anyone know more?

[NVSF: Urban Cellars: Closed By ABC]


Anonymous said...


Suspension Start Date: 11-FEB-2010 Suspension End Date: 26-FEB-2010

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the owner is a real jerk.

maybe it should be shut down for good.

ben said...

I've always enjoyed shopping at Urban Cellars, and I've heard enough of the damn ABC harassing decent San Francisco businesses lately that I'd be inclined to suspect the worst of the ABC, rather than Urban Cellars. The ABC has been bullying and hassling scrupulously law-abiding all-ages venues like the Fillmore, the Bottom of the Hill, Slim's, and the Great American Music Hall while shooting-gallery crime-magnet nightclubs stay open. They've been cracking down on bars for infusing their own orange bitters. So, I'd believe they'd entrap a wine shop owner by sending out decoys with professionally-forged IDs. The ABC is out of control and San Francisco should refuse to cooperate with it.

jen said...

If you have shopped at Urban Cellars with ANY regularity (i.e., more than once) you would most definitely know that the owner is not a jerk. This notice on his windows is merely a continuation of his infraction from last year, no more, no less. I also concur with Ben, my thoughts turned to the dubious actions of late with regards to our local ABC. This organization is becoming a zealous, punitive, side of the road, politically motivated montrosity!

chip said...

Yeah, they were "suspended again" because apparently they served their suspension at the wrong time. Thus they're serving the same suspension twice.
The owner is a very nice man and certainly far from the first or last unsuspecting business owner to be snagged by the ABC.

Anonymous said...

I used to like their corny two-sided jokes on their signs... Don't think he's laughing much these days, because I don't think he's had any jokes up lately.