February 5, 2010

Views from the Edge: Dolores Park Renovation

The local blogosphere blew up this week with word that Dolores Park will close for at least a year for renovations. PBR-drinking fixie riders were in an uproar. Nevermind all those who loved the park long before the others decided it was their holy land. And so it was up to Dolores Park Works to set the story straight - the park will remain accessible:
The renovations will be done in phases. The whole park will not be closed or fenced off for the duration of the renovations. ... [The playground remodel phase] is scheduled to start in October 2010 and end in April 2011. [Phase 2 will start after that]. The goal is to limit the impact on the community while ensuring that the work is done efficiently and safely.
Stay involved and get the full story by following the latest at Dolores Park Works.

Update: Details added to clarify timeline.


cr said...

The ellipsis in your excerpt is misleading; it makes it seem that "the whole park" will be renovated in six months, ending April 2011, when in fact that is just the renovation for the playground (Phase 1). The information that DPW has about Phase 2 is much more vague.

Kevin Montgomery said...

What CR said... you clearly didn't read that post in its entirely.

Eve Batey said...

"Nevermind all those who loved the park long before the others decided it was their holy land."

I am very curious about how long someone must be a resident of the city before "Noe Valley SF" feels they are allowed to have an opinion regarding what is done with things that are publicly owned!

Some sort of graph or chart might be helpful, so people who are reporting the news can help guide readers on if they are allowed to feel they have a stake in what is being reported in that article.

rkbrust said...

After the Playground is completed, the greater Dolores Park renovation will most likely begin December 2011and could take up to 18 months. though everyone, including Rec and Par is hoping for much sooner. Mary Hobson, park manager on this project thinks she can do it in less time. Let's hope for the best.