February 22, 2010

Help! Lost iPod

Deborah needs your help, kind citizen:
I left my house today on Cesar Chavez around 10:30 or so and as usual could hear the J about halfway down the block. So, as usual, I started to run. I made the J and when I sat down say the headphones of my ipod dangled from my bag - but no ipod. Somewhere along my sprint from Cesar Chavez past Chloes's to the stop in front of Fattoush on Church my ipod was lost. Realizing this, I got off the J at 24th and walked back down retracing my steps. No ipod. I want to believe that some good person in the neighborhood picked it up and if only they knew how to reach me, they would return my ipod.
More on Craigslist.


insidesfre said...

I'll check out Cesar Chavez when I walk my dogs. Will be in touch if I find anything!