February 19, 2010

Update: J-Church Repairs

Eileen Bermingham of Upper Noe Neighbors sent minutes from last night's meeting with Muni:
Hi—Thought you might be interested in the details of our meeting on the Muni track replacement project. Muni is completing this project because the affected track sections haven’t been addressed in 30 years. These sections can no longer adequately handle the volume/weight of the train cars.

Muni project manager Ha Nguyen presented an overview of what will be happening during the three J Church track replacements. The work will be done from 8PM on Friday to 4AM Monday, as per the following schedule:

Church & 18th St
San Jose & 30th St
March 12

San Jose & 30th St
March 19 and March 26

Church & 20th
Three weekends in September

Along with track replacement, the crew will be replacing the pavement, installing new water pipes, striping, and addressing noise/vibration issues. They’ll also install new overhead poles and curb ramps.

Buses will help shuttle riders in the areas where the crew is doing the work. Traffic will be rerouted around the affected track sections.

Muni has completed similar work in the Sunset, and we’re told all went well in terms of safety and traffic control.

Meeting attendees expressed concern about concrete jackhammering during the night (which will kick off at 9PM on a Friday for a given location), as well as loss of parking for a temporary period. However, it’s the general consensus that Muni needs to do the work at some point in a seven-day week, and weekends/nights provide the least disruption in train service.

Some neighbors raised other concerns about Muni in general, primarily involving loud screeching and noise due to fast driver speeds.

If you’d like to express your own concerns or have any questions, please contact SFMTA Community Relations head Jay Lu at 415.701.4387/jay.lu@sfmta.com


Andrew H. said...

Hahahahaha! I almost spilled my coffee seeing that "fast driver speeds" quote. Fast! Muni! Drivers! On the Church Street J corridor?! That must have changed since the six months I've moved out of Noe...