June 30, 2014

NVV July/August 2014: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered here on NVSF or other resources. Follow the NVV link at the bottom for full articles and all the ads.

July/August 2014

Front Page: 3 scenic walks around Noe Valley; Folio Books offers some summer reading choices including Americanah, Carsick, Midnight in Europe and more; a local gives up her car (and parking spot) and lives to tell the tale.

Letters: A Castro street resident is outraged at the city's cavalier and inept sewer contractors who have ripped up the sidewalk 3 times; a complaint about the ad in the last issue title "Considering a Move from SF to the Peninsula?" from a longtime Bernal Heights (!) resident; the unmarked crosswalk at Church and Elizabeth Streets needs signs; a 30th St resident rails against the "over-salaried, post-teenage technocrats now marinating in the city..."; the Noe Valley Garden Tour was a success with over 275 tickets sold.

Short Takes: In memory of Angus Brunner, landlord of the Just for Fun building, who died in March; an open letter from Gwen Sanderson of Video Wave about the proposed $15 minimum wage and how it hurts small businesses; the historic trains of the F Line will no longer run on Church Street; Noe resident Steve Fox's new business Urban Putt has been open for a few months in the Mission (South Van Ness at 22nd St).

Cost of Living in Noe: $2.2 million is now the average price for a single family home.

Rumors: Ambiance is moving from it's current 2 storefronts to the spot recently vacated by Sway - the move is expected to happen after the new space is retrofitted, in about 2 months; Joshua Simon is closing after more than 35 years on 24th St - the building will also need a retrofit once the store closes at the end of July; Decor Galore is closed; Wink is renting out shelf space to a pop-up store; Yes more speculation that Neutraceuticals will be applying for permits to demolish the old Real Foods building [Ed note: a permit was posted on the building today for a new roof, and a reader wrote to say she saw stacks of plywood being brought inside so a teardown is unlikely]; the Town Square is now fully funded and any additional money at this point is "for embellishments" - construction will likely start in the summer of 2015 and be done by Spring 2016; Of the 15,911 people registered to vote in our little village, 5531 of us (or about a third) took the time to cast a ballot; former Voice contributor and Noe Valley resident Bill Griffith who created the Zippy the Pinhead cartoon recently came back for a visit and discovered his former 25th St home had been "renovated beyond recognition."

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Very interesting--this notice was posted as the Voice went to press. It is a roofing company permit. And.... No, you don't put a new roof on a structure you are going to demolish---but simply a new roof makes no sense on the existing structure--- at this time....so it is hard to tell what will happen. hope you all click on the Voice and read all the news----- mazook

Heather World said...

According to Supervisor Scott Wiener, the roofing work does not affect the planned project, which includes demolition of the building at 3939 24th St.

“It's an interim measure, since the roof is unstable,” he said. “Whatever their plans are going forward to replace the building, the roof has to be stable.”

The permit was issued June 25 for re-roofing the building at an estimated cost of $15,000. The building is owned by Nutraceutical Corporation of Park City, Utah.

Wiener and two members of the Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association flew to Utah last October to meet with CEO Bill Gay.

Since then, Wiener and his staff have been in close contact with the company’s architect, who is based in San Francisco. One option being considered is ground-floor retail with two stories of housing above.

Wiener does not know when the plans will be filed but believes it will be soon, he said.

Heather World, Noe Valley Voice

ed shuck said...

I hope this is progress. If so, I hope it continues. Thanks Heather.
Ed Shuck
member NVMPA